My New Tech Blog

Welcome! To my new blog! Previously I was hosted at blogspot for the longest time. Soon I will retire that URL and setup redirects to this site. I was not interested in writing blogs for a long time, but recent events have created situation where I feel compelled to write again. The motivation to get started to write will soon follow. Update: The link above will now redirect to this site.

Designing Good API and Its importance

Recently I took a technical session on “Designing Good API and its importance” at BASIS SoftExpo 2012. I was introduced to this topic by Tech Talk of Joshua Bloch and my presentation is heavily influenced by his talk and a humble tribute to his great, inspiring, motivating and illuminating session. The slides are as follows: Designing Good API & Its Importance View more presentations from imyousuf The original TechTalk of Joshua Bloch is as follows: Criticisms of my presentation are most welcome.

RESTful Web Services

I have come a long way in learning, understanding and imlpementing RESTful (at least RESTlike) systems in real life. From that experience of mine recently I made a technical presentation at BASIS SoftExpo 2011. The response seems to be good. The slides are as follows. Criticisms, suggestions are most welcome. RESTful Web Services from Imran M Yousuf

Using GNOME Blog

I was looking for a client to work offline and post my entry, rather than writing it from a browser. I did a simple apt-cache search and found GNOME Blog (gnome-blog). So now testing it out. Lets see how it turns out; first impression is rich text edit capabilities is very limited!

RESTful Architecture

The title is definitely making some readers think why is someone again writing on this topic. What inspired me to write again after a long time is the confusion between “RESTful Web Services” and “XML over HTTP”. I came accross this confusion while working on a framework of mine and later I will mention how it interested me. So I would like to clear the confusion, as per my understanding, on RESTful Architecture.