GIT: Starting using GIT as your SCM

I am a user of SVN and was a fan of it as well. But the following video demonstrated some requirements of SCM which I liked a lot Especially as I want to work distributed, offline, modular and essentially fast GIT came to me as a gift and I want to share it with everyone. This Tech talk from Linus actually convinced me to take a deep look at GIT.

Then this video actually helped me understand more about how GIT works and some tips to work better with GIT.

This image could be helpful enough to have it beside your desk and it also has a larger resolution one if you want it. These images and other documentation are available at the GIT Wiki site. If you are looking for a extended cheat sheet you can find it here. If you are looking for the manual its here and you might also find the “Everyday GIT …" page helpful. Some useful How-To s can be found here. If you are looking for how to setup a hook, have a look here; you can also simply find those scripts doing locate hooks in your linux box.

I have developed such likings towards GIT to the extend that I have started writing a Maven2 SCM Provider for GIT (using the Mercurial provider as example). Once I am done with it I will also be writing a NetBeans VCS Plugin again in light of the Mercurial plugin (if no VCS plugin for GIT is available in NetBeans prior to that).

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