SIP - For next generation communication

I have been introduced to SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) from my college courses. From then it appealed a lot to me. As timed passed by I came to realize that with the rate in which everything is getting globalized it is a matter of time when VoIP will rule the world of communication. As internet is already accepted as the global information highway, communication is also bound to be built on that. SIP is IETF engineered protocol and open for everybody’s suggestion.

Recently SIP related activities are very visible; especially, with reSIProcate, Jain-SIP protocol stacks popularity and major Java EE Container vendors supporting SIP Servlets it is easily comprehensable that industry is expecting a increase in use of SIP in business applications, as more and more applications want to include web based voice/video chat.

Recently, GlassFish project has introduced the SailFin project, which is a SIP Servlet container. Hopefully, by the will of Almighty, it will also include support for easy portability for Jain-SIP based server applications into its container as well.

If I were to bet on a technology of next generation I would place my bet on SIP based applications. Hopefully, by the will of Almighty, I hope to bring more writeups about SIP applications - mostly server side.

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