Upgrading from Ubuntu Fiesty Fawn (7.04) to Hardy Heron (8.04)

Since I have procured my laptop I have been using Ubuntu Fiesty Fawn (7.04) on it and I was more than satisfied until its support period expired on Jan 2009; I was compelled to upgrade and I did not want to take the hassle of upgrading again in the lifetime of this laptop so I decided to upgrade to Hardy Heron (8.04 LTS) (via Gutsy Gibbon). This writeup is my experience on this upgrade procedure.

Why Python?

For long I have been wondering “Why Python?” - why is python gaining popularity? Why do many prefer python for all sorts of work? Myself being a Java fan (some of my friends say fan-atic) it makes it more interesting to me to understand the reason behind its uprising. I am a software engineer mainly working on enterprise systems with Java. One of my hobby is to write scripts for anything that I (might) have to repeat in near future.

Setting up firewall in Ubuntu

Though I am not a server or network administrator I have always been interested in learning how to secure a network. From some initial reading I learned that firewall is the starting point and trust me when I say that with Ubuntu 8.04 Server (code-named ‘Hardy Heron’) its seriously easy to setup a firewall. This article of mine will attempt to show beginners like myself how easy it is. I am assuming that readers will have Hardy Heron installed before embarking on testing out the firewall.

Code generation made easy using patterns

Since starting developing some code generation plugins (toString() generator and Java Util Logger Generator) using/for the NetBeans 6.1Beta I have learnt a lot and the more I worked on it I kept asking myself how could I make it easier. Once both the plugins took rudimentary form I learnt and discovered that patterns could make this task whole lot easier for me. So I started re-implementing the Logger generator (if you are interested in getting the resources please check the logger blog) plugin.

NetBeans: Generating Java Util Logger

Java Util Logger has enabled us to ship application without having dependency on any external JARs or APIs for logging purpose. After starting to use it I felt the necessity of a Logger creation tool which will create and initialize a logger for me instead of me either writing it or Copy-Pasting it for every file or worse every class. Also using a tool will enable me to maintain a coherence of naming and initialization of loggers across a project.