NetBeans - Generating toString for Java classes

My friend and colleague Shams developed a maven plugin to generate toString and equals method using Eclipse source code manipulation API and since then, being a NetBeans fan, I wanted to develop a similar component using NetBeans API. Though the Java Source API of NetBeans was available in the developer version, but it is finally going to be released with NetBeans 6.1 and one can have a look at it in 6.

Picasa on Ubuntu

I like Picasa to share photographs with my friends and relatives. I find it quiet annoying to use Picasaweb to upload pictures, Picasa (the desktop application) is just so cool. Thus I decided to install it on my Ubuntu; before starting the installation I did not except it to be a walk in the park, believe it or not it was. Install Wine as specified in this blog; Then type winecfg in your console and you will see a GUI popping up.

Finding files in jars by their content

While doing a bug hunting we needed to find a file containing a certain string and we did not know where to look for it. At one stage of “file hunting” we needed to be able to search for the file in jars (Java Archives). Thus in searching for it we came up with this shell script; using this script not only can we find jars containing certain filename but also search file content to get results.

Ubuntu: Getting Java Applets to work with Firefox

I was having problem to get Applet working in Firefox, primarily because I work with manually installed JDKs (that is not downloaded using apt-get). I did the following to get Applets working going through the following procedure. locate After I do this I will get the list of this file present in my machine. In my case one of the paths was - /opt/jdk1.6.0_01/jre/plugin/i386/ns7/ Now I did the following and restarted my machine -

Propagating GIT commands to its submodules

GIT submodules is an idea (of many) that actually played an extremely important role in me moving to GIT. As a new user I started playing around with GIT and I noticed that GIT commands executed on the parent module is not propagated to the child modules. In some use cases it would be extremely useful (at least for me) to be able to be propagate a command from the master module to all its child at all depth.